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We are BIG on Janitorial Training!

Custodial Training York PAWe are BIG on training because a properly trained maintenance team will return great benefits! We offer three great ways to keep you and your team on the cutting edge:

1. We will come train your team in your facility
2. Join us at local seminars/workshops
3. Call us at any time (717.741.5290) and talk with our service technicians

You can depend on our decades of janitorial and maintenance experience and the support of our vendor representatives to keep you up-to-date on the most recent technology, equipment, products, systems, and techniques.

Our detailed training guides also keep you in compliance with the latest government rules and regulations.

Custodian Training Restroom CleaningOur in-house training facility includes a full restroom model to allow absolute hands-on training of products, equipment, and procedures.

You'll learn first-hand the techniques learned from years of experience, including the best way to clean and restore grout lines, best practices for bowl and urinal cleaning, and what products you should never use on certain restroom surfaces.

Listed below are some of our popular training programs:
Regulatory Assistance with Government Regulations
  • L.E.E.D - "Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design" certificatoin requirements
  • G.H.S. - "Globally Harmonized System" mandates
  • S.D.S. - New GHS and Safety Data Sheets - chemical information and requirements

York / Triple-S Achieve
Work-Loading Software

  • Guide on how to improve productivity, reduce labor, product and equipment costs

Office Cleaning

  • Selection of cleaning chemicals for office facilities
  • Proper application, use of cleaning chemicals
  • Best cleaning equipment for office facilities
  • Newest techniques for increased efficiency

Restroom Cleaning

  • Proper restroom cleaning
  • Best usage of disinfectants
  • Deep cleaning equipment and techniques

Hard Floors

  • Daily maintenance of:
    • VCT floors
    • Tile & Grout
    • Concrete
    • Wood
    • Stone
  • Stripping "Do's and Don'ts"
  • Proper machine scrubbing
  • Best practice for floor finish appliction
  • How to buff properly

Carpeted Floors

  • Daily maintenance, vacuum tips & techniques
  • Spot cleaning
  • Pre-spraying
  • Deep cleaning


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