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Janitorial Floor Equipment Rental Services

Square Scrub rentalYork Janitorial Supplies is your one-stop shop for floor equipment service, repair, and warranty work.

Need to rent a particular machine? No problem. We have the industry's most popular floor equipment for rental. Here's just two examples on how rental equipment can save you time and money.

SITUATION: 1,000 sq. ft. hard floor
Damp Mop: 16 oz. mop head, single bucket and wringer - Cleaning Time = 14.40 minutes
Rental 32" Walk Behind: Wheel propelled automatic scrubber - Cleaning Time = 4.04 minutes

SITUATION: 1,000 sq. ft. carpeted floor
Upright Vacuum (14"): Cleaning time = 18.50 minutes
Backpack Vacuum (14"): Cleaning time = 8.10 minutes

Cutting your labor time in half means reduction in costs and the ability to cover more territory in less time. For larger machine rentals, we have fast pick-up and delivery and will educate you on operating procedures.

Call us today at 800.559.8111 for a quote or estimate.

Rental Equipment

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